I only wanna murmur..:P

It's kind of hard for me to have something to say this week...especially today. I've been preparing the ielts test for a long long time, and this week I even stop my part-time job. In fact, it's really unnessesary for me to stop working to prepare the test...ahh. I don't prefer study all the time, cause that makes me feel bored. Also, it's hard for me to concentrate on the books all the time. I'd rather spend these time with my family and friends...even my job.XD

Good thing must be I'll finish the test this Sunday. I have a sense that I can't get the grade I need this time, but this doesn't stop me from concentrating on the exam. I know I should work harder, and this time is just a test...I mean to have an experience about the exam. :)

Feel much better after murmur to my blog / friends. =)

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